Preventing Falls: How to Keep Seniors Safe

September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month and a perfect time to raise awareness about preventing falls, especially among seniors. At Desert Podiatric Medical Specialists, we care about our senior community and want to help them stay safe and active.

Watch and Listen to Your Elders at Home

One of the easiest ways to help prevent falls is to be attentive. Listen to their concerns and watch how they move around. Take it seriously if they say they feel uncomfortable or seem unsteady on their feet.

Encourage them to talk openly about any problem they may have. Sometimes, small changes like moving furniture or adding handrails can significantly prevent accidents.

Don’t Miss Appointments

Seniors need to see their doctors regularly. These checkups can help catch any signs of health issues before they become serious. Health conditions or medication can sometimes affect balance and coordination, making falls more likely.

Ensure your loved ones attend their appointments and follow their doctor’s advice. If they need help getting to the doctor, offer your support.

Provide Healthy Food and Exercise Options

A good diet and regular exercise are important for seniors’ strength and overall health. Encourage them to eat balanced meals with many fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. This kind of food helps keep their bones and muscles strong and reduces their risk of falls.

Doing gentle exercises, like walking, swimming, or yoga, can help improve balance and coordination. Encourage them to be active in ways that they can enjoy and handle. You could even join them for a walk or exercise together, which promotes their physical well-being and strengthens your bond.

Preventing falls for our senior loved ones is not hard. It begins with simple acts of care and attention. By doing this, you’re not just preventing falls but giving them the love and support they deserve in their golden years.

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