Beat Pesky Plantar Warts with 4 Precise Treatments

Plantar warts, those rough bumps on the soles of your feet, can turn a brisk walk into a painful hobble. These unwelcome guests are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), and they have a stubborn habit of recurrence despite efforts to treat them.

Desert Podiatric Medical Specialists is here to help. Our expert podiatrists have a toolbox full of tricks and treatments to help banish these bothersome blemishes for good. Read on to discover four different ways you can wave goodbye to plantar warts. Healthier feet await!

Peel Away the Problem:

  • Salicylic acid comes in patches, gels, and liquids.
  • This acid gradually weakens the wart layer by layer, eventually prompting it to peel off. Patience is key, as this method can take weeks.
  • If you have diabetes or poor circulation, topical acids might not be suitable.

Freeze the Foe:

  • Cryotherapy, a method that makes use of liquid nitrogen, attacks warts with extreme cold, essentially freezing them from the inside out.
  • This treatment, done in your podiatrist’s office, can be mildly uncomfortable, and multiple sessions may be needed for complete eradication.

Laser Precision:

  • Laser treatments target the wart’s blood vessels, cauterizing them and cutting off food supply.
  • This option offers faster results than cryotherapy.
  • Discuss with your podiatrist if your wart is in a sensitive area or prone to scarring.

Surgical Strike:

  • For stubborn warts that refuse to budge, surgical removal might be the best option.
  • Under local anesthesia, your podiatrist will carefully slice away the wart tissue.
  • This option usually leaves minimal scarring but may require downtime for recovery.

Early intervention is key. The sooner you seek podiatric treatment, the faster and easier it is to send plantar warts packing. Don’t attempt home remedies like duct tape or over-the-counter freezing kits, as they can irritate the skin and even spread the virus.

Still worried about warts? With locations in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Green Valley areas of Pima County, Arizona, we have vast experience that we’re eager to share. Our team includes Dr. Bradley A. Whitaker, Dr. Peter C. Merrill, and Dr. Zeno Pfau. Our doctors offer the most technologically advanced methods and cutting-edge medical treatments. Please call 520-575-0800 or contact us online and make an appointment.

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